Hills have been proudly providing secure home solutions since 1945 with the iconic Hills Hoist securing family washing for over have a century. As Australia’s leading security technology provider, Hills are at the cutting-edge of technology protecting Australian families from having their home’s burgled when they are away – or even worse, asleep in the next room.

Hand turning a knob up to the maximum, Concept image for illustration of security improvement.

Can you be sure that without a Hills home security system, you, your family and all your prized possessions are safe? With a national network of security systems and infrastructure that protects banks, petrochemical sites, prominent Australian landmarks and Government buildings you can be safe in the knowledge that you are protected by Australia’s best.

If Hills security products are protecting some of Australia’s most important business and public assets, then their products, systems and services can secure your home.

Why choose a Hills home security solution?

For over three decades, Hills has been protecting Australian families with their Hills home security systems and services. Offering a wide range of products to ensure that homes, businesses and people are safe and secure. The company has a wide range of security products, services, training, support as well as managed services Hills offer Australian homes and families peace of mind.

What do Hills offer for your home security?

As Australia’s leading home security provider, they have a range of services including by now limited to:

– Alarms and Intrusion systems
– Access control
– Car readers and locks
– Detectors
– Fire systems
– Intercom systems
– Structured cabling

The key the success of Hills home security is that their systems are secure, they operate only using Australian best practice ensuring there is nothing left to chance when it comes to the security of your home.

Hills security systems are used for big business as well as residential homes!

With the responsibility of managing the security services and infrastructure for some of Australia’s largest banks, organisations, government buildings, Hills are consistently learning, developing and updating our systems, products and processes to ensure the security of these vital infrastructures to our way of life.

You can be sure that with every development in technology or processes Hills make in their corporate or business protection is transferred into the home systems and processes to make your home more secure at every turn.

Don’t leave your families security to chance!

There is a range of service providers and installers out there that ‘can’ do the job, but can they do the best job for your family?

Don’t take a chance on your family’s security or allow the risk of home invasion through an inferior product protecting your home. Hills home security installed in your home, but a preferred installer partner will leave nothing to chance whether you are at home or away, your home is protected.

How do you get the Hills home security systems in your home?

With licenced installers and retail partners around the country, a Hills home security system can be installed to your home to add the peace of mind and security you and your family need. The key is to not just get a reseller of the Hills’ home security products but to speak with one of our preferred supplier partners – such as Rite Price Security in South Australia.

These preferred supplier partners understand the importance of home security, the benefits of the Hills systems and how they should be effectively installed into your home.

Who is Rite Price Security?

Rite Price Security, provide a range of high-quality products and services including security systems, perimeter security systems, business security systems and alarm systems for your business or home. With years of experience and operations behind them, they are experts in providing Hills home security solutions to families and businesses around the state.

As part of the Rite Price Heating and Cooling group, who are one of the most prominent solution providers to home and business around South Australia, they understand how important delivery of tailored, specific solutions are to their customers and pride themselves on doing so.

Working within the specifications, budgets and needs of your home security needs, Rite Price Security are the perfect supply partner of Hills to ensure your home is secure at all times. What are some key tips to getting the most from your Hills home security system?
When selecting a system, it is paramount that you not only speak with an expert installer such as Rite Price, but you get the solution that fits your specific needs.

Have your installer come to your home, review the layout, the potential entry points and provide a solution that is tailored and specific to your needs. Hills have a range of purpose built and customisable products to suit every need and budget. Contact your Rite Price Security representative today to receive a free quote on (08) 8343 5933 or www.ritepricesecurity.com.au

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