Alarm systems provide a level security and protection for your home, your family and your possessions that goes far beyond just locking your door at night.

While Adelaide sleeps, there are many people that are awake, looking for ways to ‘break & enter’ your home, steal items of value to sell or keep for themselves. As a law-abiding citizen, this is not right, nor is it fair but unfortunately it is a reality with the increases in theft and crime in South Australia over the past several years. As well as protecting your people and physical assets inside your home, through installing a home alarm system in your home, you will reduce your insurance premiums with most Australian insurance agencies.

alarm systems

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How will an alarm system protect your home

There is a range of alarm system products and services that are available on the market, from loud to silent alarms, infra-red, motion detectors and magnetic switches on doors and windows your alarm systems are triggered in a range of ways to deter you potential home invaders.

In many cases, simply having the physical camera and security company sticker on your home entry points will deter potential invaders as getting around a monitored alarm system is not something your common thief can get around.

Having an audible alarm both inside and outside your home will alert neighbours that your home is being invaded and that you may be in distress. Also, any burglar inside your home will want to get out very quickly if an alarm is set into effect.

In addition to this, most systems are set to alert the security company, police and in some cases fire department should they be set off.

Getting a licenced installer

Like most things these days, there is a market of the DIY installation of a low-cost kit from Bunnings. These may be attractive in terms of costs, however, you need to ask yourself the questions “Am I prepared to put my families safety in the hands of a DIY kit, which I have installed?.”

By having a licensed, qualified and trusted company such as Rite Price Security coming into your home and installing a quality, monitored home security system, you can sleep easy knowing that your family is in safe hands.

Having a trusted installed is vital in protecting your Adelaide home with a home security system. Remembering that a contractor or anyone who is coming into your home to install your alarm system, knows how it is installed and what is required to put your alarm out of commission – you should never trust that responsibility to just anyone.

When selecting an installer, ensure that they are the people coming into your Adelaide home to install the unit, that they are the ones monitoring and reacting to any alarms that may occur. You must be sure that if you pay for something, you are getting what you pay for in terms of home security.

So, what is the right alarm system to protect my home?

There is no simple answer to this question. There is an extensive range of products, services, alarms, sensors and monitors that are available on the market today. The most important thing is that the solution you get is the one that best suits your specific needs.

Everyone’s home has different entry and access points, different levels of locking systems, is in different areas (with different levels of criminal activity within them), and of course, everyone has a different level of budget available. These will all have an impact on the alarm system that you can afford to protect your home.

What are the next steps to get the right system for me?

Based on the fact that no two household’s needs are the same, speaking to a security alarm retailer, installation and monitoring expert is your next step. Rite Price Security is one of South Australia’s well-known home services and installation companies, having decades of supporting families with heating, cooling and security solutions.

Speaking with a Rite Price expert, that can review your needs, your budget and work on a solution that is best suited for your home. Remember, that no quote can be complete unless you have someone come to your home and review the real solutions that are required.

Installing a security alarm is not something that anyone should take lightly, you should be able to fall asleep expecting to be protected in your Adelaide home, not being woken up by people rustling around in your home.

Call Rite Price Security today to speak with their qualified and expert team on how to protect your Adelaide or South Australian home with a professionally installed alarm system.

Rite Price Security offer a complete security solution for your property and can come on site and provide an obligation-free quote and provide a range of options to meet your security needs.

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