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Home Security Automation

Be in control of your home or business with Kocom’s latest range of inspiring intercom systems. The Kocom intercom range can allow you to see, touch and record images and video recordings of your home or business surroundings, whilst also speaking to visitors without opening your front door. Let Kocom do the talking for you.

Taking car of business

Not only does the KVR-D510 provide you with peace of mind and security in your home, it also has the power to satisfy the needs of your business. With the Kocom KVR-D510, businesses are able to monitor and record any activity around their business ranging from their counters through to their warehouse (via CCTV cameras), as well communicating with visitors (via front door station) and staff around their facility (via additional monitors).

The KVR-D510 offers standalone pentaplex DVR functionality, allowing users to record, view/playback, network (view remotely), administrate and backup, all at the same time. It also features H.264 codec, real-time recording at half D1, together with various recording options such as; motion, continuous, schedule and via sensors. Businesses also have a range of options to backup recordings through a SD card, external hard drive or via the network. Feel in control of your business with the Kocom KVR-D5 10 integrated intercom and CCTV solution.

DVR Specifications

  • Inputs: 4CH camera, 4CH audio and 1CH sensor
  • Recording Mode: manual, continuous, schedule, motion and sensor
  • Dual Streaming: Local recording and network transmission
  • (Network Transmission rates max. 120/100FPS)
  • Mobile Viewer: 3G mobile phones, iPhones, Android phone
  • Web Viewing (via. I.E): live, playback, audio, PTZ and snapshot
  • CMS Viewing: live, playback, backup, PTZ and remote setup and local DVR rebooting
  • DDNS: Support free DDNS
  • Adjustable bandwidth: 64/128/256/512kbps, 1/2/4/10Mbps, unlimited
  • Email notification, alarm-out, buzzer for events and video loss
  • Motion Detection: selected area and sensitivity in each channel
  • Scheduling: mail notification schedule and alarm schedule for events-trigger
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