Your home security system is not something that should be taken lightly. You are protecting your family, children and possessions from intruders so arguably there are not many more important purchases you can make. So how do you know that you are receiving the best quality service, products, installation and you can trust those that are involved in setting up and monitoring your security systems?

With an increase in the rate of theft in Adelaide, there has never been a better time than now to purchase a home security system from Adelaide’s most trusted security providers.

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What makes a home security retailer a trusted one?

There are several key elements that the most trusted and reliable home security suppliers around Adelaide have over the rest of the market. You should always consider these before you decide on who to go with for your security needs.


A company with a long-standing reputation for delivery of high-quality goods and services is paramount when selecting your home security system provider. Have you heard of the company? How long have they been in business? Do you know anyone else who uses them? A company that has a reputation of performance over a long period is your first step to selecting a trusted home security system provider.


A company who offers long warranties and guarantees for the service and products they offer show that they back their products, workmanship and are well on the way to be trusted. It’s fair to assume that a supplier that doesn’t offer a guarantee doesn’t feel that they can back their own work and should not be trusted.


A trusted home security provider can only be so if they use brands that are known, trusted and have an enduring reputation of being the very best within your budget for the delivery of quality home security solutions.

There is a current trend across all industries at the moment for generic, no name, cheaper alternative products that in many cases claim to be ‘like for like’ in terms of product and service delivery. Are you prepared to put your family’s safety and security in the hands of an unknown?

Having checked out all the above, what is the next step?

Security systems should always be installed by fully licenced, qualified and verified companies. It is important to check your installers licence is valid before they start work to ensure all work is cover by insurance and you are properly covered by the manufacturers warranty.

You should also be up to speed with the elements outlined below:


One of the biggest features of the home security systems is that of the monitoring.

Key questions to ask are who and how much will you be monitored? How much is included in the initial installation cost, then the on-going costs, as your decision on a system may be changed when the monitoring is taken into consideration.

At what point does monitoring occur and how much is it going to cost is vital to ensure you are getting the ‘right’ response that you could expect from a trusted provider.

Who is involved?

Will the company selling and installing your system be monitoring your system as well?
In many cases, retailers will ‘outsource’ the installation and monitoring to a third party contractor. These people are ‘not the people’ you trusted with your home security; they could be anyone!

Therefore it is vital that you ask the question early on, who will be selling, installing and monitoring the system.

Does your selected company have trusted processes?

One of the critically important factors in terms of your family’s home security is the process that your home security system provider has in place once your alarm is activated.

Who is calling you to let you know there is an issue? Are the police contacted or are the security services outsourced to an unknown third party? These are vitally important elements, as you don’t want to be left in a situation where you have an intruder in your home, and no one is available to call or respond to your needs!

Be sure of the security contract conditions

The final key to determining a trusted home security provider is the contract. What are the total costs, timelines, rights to cancel and warranties that form part of the contract? If there are elements of ‘unknown’ or grey areas, you should walk away and speak to someone that can give you clear answers to your questions.

Your home security is simply more than just the physical possessions inside, but it’s your family’s safety both physically and mentally that can be affected by using an untrusted home security supplier – do you want to risk that?

If you’re looking for security solutions for your home, speak with Rite Price Security, a trusted name in home security, heating and cooling for decades in the Adelaide region. Contact the team from Rite Price Security today to arrange an onsite quote for your security needs and get a firm price for keeping your property secure.

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