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Business Security Systems

Rite Price Security offers a wide range of security solutions for all types of businesses.
Our Business alarms systems help protect you, your employees and your assets against theft, fire and other types of property damage.Access – Control: Our alarm systems can also be set up to keep unauthorised people or personnel from accessing secure areas of your business. This access control function can also be used to keep track of personnel who enter your business out of regular trading hours such as maintenance staff and cleaners.

security alarm systems Adelaide

Young African Businessman Entering Code In Security System

Our Business Alarm Packages are tailored to your requirements and often include such features as:
Perimeter sensors and detection
Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Motion sensors to detect intruders inside of your business or grounds.
Door and Window sensors –  Perimeter security switches activating your alarm upon an intruder forcing open a door or window.
Smoke Detection
With the ability to be monitored through your alarm system, this smoke detector provides early warning alerts for you and your employees.
Hold up Button – Keep you and your employees safe with this double push panic/duress button.

Information technology has seen many breaches within the office and business world that can subject a company to high unseen risk levels. It is important to ensure employees are accountable and concious of risk concerns in the work place. The mobile phone has allowed so many options to the wrong hands that could be of huge detrimentally threathning to a company or small business. Preventative measures or proceedures enforced will not only reduce risk levels but ensures controlling leaks within employees grasp are reduced. Meetings are common for such breaches to tsake place. Mobile phones are a tool that employers can by some be overlooked. Meetings or talks of business matters be it at mangement or senior role positions still are open to this concern. Mobile phone’s should be left or stored away prior to delicate confidentially jeopordising meetings in board room arrangements for example. Larger company structured organisations have bug detection frequent swoops within head office or executive occupied buildings which has increased over the last five years.

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